Mistakes Were Made

Do something one day that scares you. – Eleanor Roosevelt
Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… – Theodore Roosevelt

Yeah, but Roosevelts, have you ever tried to work on a one man show? Sure, Teddy, you ran the Navy during the Spanish American War but did you Memorize 47 pages of text? Ha! I think not.

Over a year ago I came upon the script for “Mistakes Were Made” by Craig Wright. I immediately loved it, wanted to do it – not necessarily as a Brave New Production – but as a personal project and at the same time I realized the piece was so challenging I’d rather focus on other things (yes, yes – that was fear (it’s still fear) but I didn’t realize that then).

Now, here we are – one month from the premiere of Mistakes Were Made – and between moments of absolute confidence  and nervous breakdowns, the show is coming together. In fact, it’s launching Brave New Productions 11th season.

What happened between then and now? What kind of experience has the road to Mistakes Were Made been like?

The day after I read the script, I hoped to one day perform in the show – so I decided to keep track of the moments and the progress of Mistakes- if only to one day to be able to look back and see how a seed of an idea blossoms into reality – and now I have a unique opportunity to share everything about my journey with you. Journal entries, rehearsal processes – I’ve never revealed anything as personal as what I’m about to share here as we work our way towards opening night of the biggest, most exciting, most – why the hell am I doing this? – challenge I’ve ever attempted on-stage.

Mistakes Were Made!

- Donald Rees



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