About Donald Rees & Brave New Productions
Donald Rees co-founded Brave New Production’s in 2003 as a small troupe of performers developing original work with a focus on merging art with entertainment. The company reformed in 2011, with Donald taking on the role of Creative Director, refocusing the path for Brave New Production to one of a semi-professional company invested in developing new and existing works. In the past 10 years, he has honed his writing and acting skills by wearing many hats for Brave New Productions, including performing, writing, directing and producing shows in both Montreal and Toronto. He has mentored with Peter Hinton, Liz Valdez & Gilles Plouffe and has studied with Second City in Chicago as well as the Barrow Group in New York. He writes for Mobtreal.com and has written for both The Charlebois Post and 2Be Magazine. In 2013 Donald co-founded Brave New Comedy in order to support new and upcoming comedic talent and encourage experimental comedy productions.
He has recently been nominated for “Outstanding Male Lead” for his performance in Craig Wright’s “Mistakes Were Made” by the METAs. His vision and passion for bringing theatre to Montreal audiences is embodied both on and off the stage. 
Praise for The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later (Directed by Donald Rees)
“I saw the closing Montreal performance of Laramie Project: Ten Years Later. It was powerful, simple, sincere and strong. There were many great performances and it was a very important and worthy project.” 
Roy Surette, Director of Centaur Theatre Company
This is what theatre is for. This is why people should still do theatre. Superb, fulfilling, authentic and so moving.
Jordan Arsenault, 2Be Magazine
Praise for ‘ART’ 
“Donald Rees is right on the money as Serge, the defensive dermatologist who has purchased the snowy painting by an artist named Antrios for 200,000 francs.” – Pat Donnelly, Montreal Gazette
“Donald Rees stretches his words and gestures to great effect, teasing out Serge’s irritation and anger as only an art- and status-obsessed man can.” Sarah Deshaies, Charlebois Post
Praise for “Mistakes Were Made”
“Mistakes Were Made is an intense, unforgettable monologue by Donald Rees in the role of Felix Artifex, a manically overworked producer. Rees is unrelentingly energetic and demonstrates impeccable comedic timing…Rees’ tireless performance of this biting script is truly impressive, and will leave you every bit as frazzled as the protagonist.” Vic, Bloody Underrated
“Donald Rees was the perfect actor to bring it to life. Where the dialogue got flamboyant, he stayed grounded in desperation, and he didn’t once miss a beat in his comedic timing.” Lyla McQueen, Montreal Rampage
“In Mistakes, directed by Stephanie McKenna, Emma McQueen and Nir Guzinski, a fast-talking New York producer juggles six phone lines while trying to placate a name actor, a stubborn playwright, assorted investors, and a venture gone wrong in a war-torn country. This portrayal is perfectly handled by Rees as everything that can go wrong does.” – Byron Toben, Rover Arts

Some Credits Include:


  • Mistakes Were Made – ‘Felix Artifex’ Dir. S.McKenna, E.McQueen, N.Guzinski, Brave New Productions, August 2014
  • Talking Cock – Dir. Donald Rees, Brave New Comedy June 2014
  • Done To Death – ‘Jason Summers’ Dir.Emma McQueeen, Brave New Productions January 2014
  • Standing On Ceremony: My Husband – ‘Michael’ Dir. David Reudelhuber, Brave New Productions JUNE 2013
  • ‘ART’ – ‘Serge’ Dir. Emma McQueen, Brave New Productions MARCH 2013
  • Callistro The Great – “Pedro” Dir. Emma McQueen, A Douglas Cohen Production JUNE 2012
  • Being Earnest – “Algernon” Dir. Stephanie Coco Palermo, Montreal Fringe Festival, JUNE/OCTOBER 2011
  • Here’s To Love! – “Peter McMannus” Dir. Marc Roth, Montreal Fringe Festival, JUNE 2011
  • Luann: Scenes From Real Life – “Aaron Hill” Dir. A-M Pierre, 3 Blind Mice Productions, APRIL/SEPTEMBER 2011
  • Fairy’s Tale – “Fairy” Dir. Donald Rees, Brave New Productions
  • Learning To Hula – “Chance Bask” Dir. Marc Roth, Brave New Productions
  • About This Night – “Abraham” Dir. Liz Valdez, Saidye Bronffman
  • S.O.S – “Black Dennis” Dir. Peter Hinton, Montreal Fringe Festival
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Dir. David Patterson, F.A.C.E. Alumni
  • The Cherry Orchard – “Trofimov” Dir. Robin Patterson, F.A.C.E
  • Street Cents – CBC Television


  • 33 Variations – Dir. Donald Rees, Brave New Productions May 2015
  • Christmas Shorts – Dir. Donald Rees, Brave New Productions December 2013
  • The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later –  Dir. Donald Rees,Brave New Productions OCTOBER 2012


  • Star Power Variety Hour – ‘Host’ Dir. S.McKenna, Brave New Productions August 2015
  • Brave New Comedy Finale – ‘Host’ Brave New Comedy December 2014
  • Brave New Comedy – ‘Host’ Brave New Comedy June 2013
  • Brave New Comedy Opening – Host’ Brave New Comedy March 2013


  • Mobtreal.com – Various 2012/2013/2014
  • The Charlebois Post – Various 2012/2013
  • Theatrica – Amazon Kindle Prime Selection 2012
  • The 13th Post – Amazon Kindle Prime Selection 2011
  • Perfect Baby – Short Story Finalist, Harvest Festival
  • Learning To Hula – Play
  • Fairy’s Tale – Play